philoEupraxia ( Ευπραξια ) eu = good, Praxia = action , behavior the "good" , " right" action
(action = conscious , purposeful action within a given context)
Eupraxia develops projects that are designed to overcome transition phases (= context), which arise by necessary adaptation at different developments, in a faster and more sustainable way (= action) . Meanwhile the focus is on the social sector, education and work area and resource management. What sets us apart from others is that we live our ideas and concepts ourselves. We combine our work and living world in our association’s daily routine, there is no hierarchy, everyone can work independently and we intend to endow our company and residence with the utmost energetic self-sufficiency equipment, using heat exchange technology, solar technology, and even Permaculture for a maximum of autarky. We want to show that and how an autarkic way of life inside a community is possible, and at the same time make our contribution to a "proper" use of resources and progressive developments. In addition, transparency and trust are very important factors in the communication between people and between people and institutions to us.
In that way we allow, for example, our financiers to keep track of the donated money right up to its final use. And since we will need someone to take care of the maintenance of Permaculture, we intend for it to recruit people who want to give other a chance , for example, due to their past. So at the same time we are also specifically active against prejudice and unemployment.


More precisely:

Responding to transition phases between different stages of life:
Suppose you are a college student without a precise plan for the future at hand, and you’re looking for an appropriate training course/apprenticeship or study or don’t know yet which job would be suitable for yourself. Now let us assume that you take the decision to study. As a freshman, it could happen to you that at some point you find that your choice was not the right one and you now need to make a change of subject or profession. It turns out that you invested money, time and energy in vain! With Ingenium, in its capacity as an advice and guidance institution, this mistake could have been avoided.

  • Efficiency
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Promote autonomy
  • Intuitive design
  • Respect different types of learner
  • Create learning motivation

Here is another example, responding to a transition phase resulting of a necessary adaption of the school system to the changing demands of the working environment.
Put yourself in the position of the parents of a so-called "below-average" student. This "below average" performance can be attributed to various factors, such as boredom at school, no motivation, too high or low demands, lack of relation to the reality of the learning material, etc. Although there have been several attempts at improving it, no progress has been made yet. This is not surprising, since all the applied measures act only on the symptoms of a deeper problem. Unilateral frontal teaching, incorrectly installed technical aids, abstracted from everyday subject matter, lack of involvement in the lives of the students, non-consideration of individual talents and learning styles and a lack of co-determination is not really motivating for the students. The fact that students, who’ve been educated in such a way, necessarily suffer from disorientation, seems inevitable. And such students won’t be easy to integrate in a working environment, which more and more promotes autonomous working and other progressive future office typologies. SCIO was designed under consciousness of these problems. By focusing on: the generation of motivation, promotion of autonomous learning, assessment of their own skills, the promotion of cooperation and exchange as well as competence-centered learning and creating larger sectional areas of school and life world, SCIO offers alternative (and yet embedded in the current educational paradigm) training opportunities.


In summary one can say that Eupraxia’s mission is to track down and replace these "bad interlocking cogs". And as we don’t consider ourselves as a closed system, but as one which is open for external stimuli, feel free to send us your feedback.

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